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Stitches is Dr. Mailgrans wife but she was pulled into a wood chipper and cut up. But he stitched her up and brought her back to life.


Sharon Mailgran was with Mailgran before Mailgran before he hit the lottery, and was a Waitress and a ghost hunter. Sharon had a friend that was part of the camera crew and was the one that got Mailgran in the show.

Once the money was won Sharon told Mailgran to invest the money into something big, so that they would still be getting more money. Still receiving money, after the big investment, Mailgran bought his wife high tech ghost hunting gear. A year later Sharon realized that most people didn’t want sprits in their house. So she suggested to Mailgran that they find a way to trap and contain ghost, by doing so they could charge people for trapping and containing the ghost. A few years later Mailgran was able to make Sprit Specs but still no trapper. Eventually he was able to create the Phasmatis Prehendo.