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  • Thamtie Jungle

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Story Edit

Midnight gets a mysterous note that states that there has been someone that found Dead Eye's Coffen and has stolen it.  

Enemies Edit


  • Ruby Necklace
  • Glass Eye
  • Silver Thamtie Statue
  • Antique Pipe
  • Gold Tobacco Case
  • Jade King-Queen-Bishop-Knight-Castle
  • Jade Chess Board
  • Antique Oil Lamp
  • Thamtie Ritual Crown
  • Inca Skull Axe
  • Quechua Beads: Green-Red-Blue-Purple-Gold
  • Sapphire Thamtie Ring
  • Thamtie Doctors Kit
  • Gold Quechua Mask
  • Wooden Monkey
  • Bronze Battle Axe
  • Uruguay Hair Clip
  • Pirate Skull Necklace
  • Golden Sword
  • Thamtie Diary
  • Quechua Golden Crown
  • Jade Figurines
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