Tammy L. Smite is Ms. Smite's full name but she prefers to be called by her last name. Ms. Smite works for Dr. Nargliam. She tries to stay out of his dirty work but always manages to wind up in it anyway.

History Edit

Ms. Smite is a secretary by trade. When she was little she learned to stay neat and organized. By the age of 12 she was balancing check books!

Ms. Smite worked her way up the line from working for a city to eventually the president! One day she got a letter. An invitation, from an unknown company stating they had a higher paying job than the job she's in now! The catch was she had to disappear, be able to move without anybody knowing where she went or what happened to her. She agreed to it. She was able to 'disappear' and meet her new boss.

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