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“I’m not a religious person but I do believe in God.”

Midnight was just a regular young black cat when Dr. Mailgran picked him up. At the time Mailgran was just looking for some animals to start a new project. When Dr.Mailgran started on his way home the little black cat curled up in his lap, at that moment Mailgran grew attached to Midnight. At the time he got him he decided to call Midnight because when Mailgran checked the time is 12 o’ clock, midnight, so he decided to call name him Project Midnight or Midnight for short. After a while Mailgran need some assistance, so he made a machine that made animals into humans it was called The Bestia Mutatio (which is The Animal Transformer in Latin). Midnight came out a success; he grew to be the size of normal person and was able to talk. There were a few minor setbacks though. Mailgran had to teach Midnight but Mailgran injected Midnight with a Brain Boost serum.

Early Years[]

Young Midnight

In Midnight's early days he joined a group called The S.T.A.. The S.T.A. had been watching Mailgran for years, keeping an eye on anything that may need reinforcement or terminating anything that may be a problem. When they saw Midnight’s ability and skill they knew they needed him on the team. He was perfect; he could help with information on Mailgrans creations or any important news. When they confronted Midnight he agreed but vowed he would release information that Midnight deiced that was okay to give them.