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  • Chainlink Village
  • Chainlink Mansion

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Story Edit

Midnight's best friend Smokey is killed by Midnights creator, Dr.Mailgran. So Midnight goes seeking revenge on Mailgran. But while he is searching for Mailgran, Midnight encounters a terrible family secret. It seems Mailgran has taken Midnights family members (there mostly related to Mailgran) and turned them into Cadavers. Some of which are Mailgran’s guards and some of which that are just science experiments.

On Midnights arrival into the Chainlink Village not a lot has changed after those 5 years. Some new buildings to replace the old and a few newbies has joined the village. A few of the villagers become curious and come to greet the mysterious person. Midnight reveals himself (shows the mark of the “creator”) to them to show that he is of no threat. A few familiar faces come to running to him and begin asking him question about where he has been and such.

Enemies Edit

  • Iron Cadavers
  • Cadavers
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