Frank "Frivolous" Farmer spent most of his life in an Asylum for the criminally insane. He was sent there with a sleep disorder, he didn’t get much sleep so he began to see things and say strange things. In his years before he was sent to the Asylum he began to have a strange up session with boys… little boys. He later on got a job as a party clown where his obsession got extremely worst. After the party’s he would get boys alone and rape them. After a few years he was caught and sent to prison. When he was released he bought a cabin in the woods were he began kidnapping boys. When he was done with them he would kill them never being able to trust them again. People blamed Frank for the missing boys; he was trialed and sent to an Asylum for the criminally insane. The Asylum caught fire and out of the 20 people who were burned to death, Frank was one of them.


  • Frivolous means 'not to take seriously'.
  • Frivolous is Frank's clown name he also earned his name from when he was a kid. He always joked around.
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