Background InfoEdit

Dr. Mailgran's mother was a stay at home mom and his dad was an alcoholic and he abused Mailgran. Mailgran was able to drop out of school because of his smarts and went straight to college to graduate from there and become a doctor. Mailgran later went on a T.V. Show and won 45 million dollars. After that he bought land far east and started what is known as Project M.M (Midnight's Mansion). He was able to get a grant from the president that allowed him to bring back an old project that he once used to run, Project Chainlink.

Mailgran's Involvment in Project ChainlinkEdit

Dr. Roman Mailgran was a British scientist that helped Project Chainlink become very successful. Mailgran strived to keep Project Chainlink running but Mailgran ran into a problem. Scientist began dropping out of the project claiming it was inhuman to kill humans like this or put them through such torture Mailgran became furious with them, “You’d rather kill innocent animals then rapist, murders, and baby killers!” he exclaimed.

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