Nargliam is Mailgran’s brother. Nargliam and Mailgran used to be good friends and did everything together. Mailgran was really popular in school and Nargliam usually lived off of his brother’s success. That was until Nargliam was sent to an orphanage.

Orphanage Life[edit | edit source]

Nargliam’s mother couldn’t afford to keep a child around, but before she could say anything to Mailgran, Nargliam spoke up and was willing to go. They agreed not to tell Mailgran the truth he would become extremely upset and possible do bad in school. So, Nargliam and his mother made up the lie that he was going to live with his father.

Mailgran Brother Fallout[edit | edit source]

Nargliam was upset about his brother’s move, but eventually got used to not seeing him.

After a while, Mailgran’s mother married a man with the last name "Nargliam". After being married she was able to adopted back Nargliam, but it was too late someone had already adopted him and moved away. Nargliam’s mother was extremely upset, but she never gave up hope on looking for him.

Mailgran eventually forgot about his brother and moved on.

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