Deshay belonged to a Christian peasant town sort of like an Amish town. The town name was Weber Village and was located in the middle of nowhere in a woodsy set area. The elder folk would frighten the younger children with scary Stories of the ‘tree people’ that would come out at night and it was only safe to enter the woods during the day, but to never go father then the markers.

When Deshay was sixteen he ran away from home. Upset with the town he lived in, upset for not living like normal people in a rural town with normal people. Deshay continued running and running farther into the woods Deshay eventually ran across a huge castle. Deshay ran up to the nearest person he could find, a guard, by the castle and asked for help. The guard ceased him and took him to Nargliam. Nargliam questioned him and decided to let him stay the night. Eventually days grew to weeks which grew to years! Deshay wrote to his family every once in a while letting them know, “I'm ok and found a wonderful job that pays by letting him stay in wonderful home with gourmet food.”

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