Jasmine Adder was born during the Great Depression, growing up she seemed to be attracted to babies always wanting to hold them or feed them. That’s why her parents suggested for Jasmine to become a Neonatal Nurse at Creekwood Hospital. Perfect job for a baby person, right? Wrong, the one problem with Jasmine wasn’t that she liked babies but instead like to kill them. Over the years she began to kill babies, nobody questioned this because the babies that died were weak. But when the healthy baby of the Heading family were making funerals for their newborn they started to question rather if it was natural or inflicted. That was when Jasmine’s occupation and obsession came to an end. She ended up in a state penitentiary then having her case reread she was moved to a Psych. Ward.

Found wondering the Nursery holding what seems to be a baby but when approached it’s just blankets. Her appearance is most revolting; she’s dressed in an old fashion nurses outfit with baby’s limbs protruding from her body.

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