Twins Tammy and Tommy a pair of twins you don’t want to run into! You look at them the wrong way; you won’t ever look at them the same again! They live with their father who cut don’t lumber to build houses and other things.

History Edit

Growing up, Tammy and Tommy were like normal twins, always attached to the hip, so to say, the best of friends and fit in real well with the others. But they were mentally unstable. If something happened they didn’t like or if someone said something they didn’t like they would lash out or get real angry fast! Usually the other one would calm down the one upset. One day while at school something was brought up that sent the twins into a rage! They killed a student and a teacher! They had to send in the SWAT team to be able drag them out. The judge told them they had two choices they could go to an asylum or their mother could try to homeschool and they could get a therapist at a good price. They went with the homeschooling, which was until their mother was killed in a car accident. This didn’t help much. After their mother died they had to help their father with paying the bills so they decided to go to a butcher shop and work there until they decided to become lumber jacks and cut down trees with their father.

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