Cadavers are basically Zombies but some of the monsters are able to think and make their own choices instead of being mindless brain seekers.


Being marked wasn’t a bad thing, it just meant that you were a test patient of Dr. Mailgran. The mark is usually a symbol of what type of Cadaver you were.


Dr. Mailgran decided that his creatures where not ‘zombies’ nor human, but they were in fact a form of being deceased. So he decided to call them Cadavers. His Cadavers were strange in different ways it wasn’t the fact that they could go on in daily life around people of their own kind but the fact that didn’t “play well with others”, as Mailgran would say. In other words they would try to kill any intruders, anybody that wasn’t a creature or “marked” by Mailgran, they would attack.

Cadavers would range from cancer patients to downright awful punishments. Below are the types of Cadavers:

Types of Cadavers:Edit

  • Cancer
  • Disease

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